Sunday, June 18, 2006

Vegas, the final part

Well, you guessed it - I lost my shirt!

I still don't know how it happened; my system was workin' like a charm . . .
Buzz was pretty mad when I got home, but Jim said that I had been really helpful at the conference, so Buzz stopped bein' mad.

Hey Nimbus - thanks again for lettin' me crash at your place. Buzz was right - you are Vegas, dude!

Vegas, part III

Here's a picture of the view from my room. There were always lotza people sittin' by the pool. One day I wanted to lay-out but there wasn't an empty chair for me. I tried stretchin' out on the ground (I am a cat after all) but people kept steppin' on my tail!

I got pretty fed-up with that nonsense, so I went to The Secret Garden at the Mirage. They had a black panther just like me there! (Well, he was a little bit bigger than me.) I bet nobody would step on his tail!

This is a lamp in my room. I didn't just take a picture of a lamp; this guy is the symbol for the Venetian resort. Isn't it cool that the place we stayed at had a flying lion as their mascot!

Vegas, part II

Before I tell more of my roulette story, I wanna show you some pictures I took at the MEDC conference.

This is Jim giving one of his lecture sessions. He's kinda hard to see, but he's the guy standing in the front to the right of that big screen.

One day he talked from 9:00am to 6:30pm - straight! Like I said before, I made sure that he had everything he needed; lotza coffee & water that day, lemme tellya!

Vegas, part I

Rome N. Panther here with the scoop on Vegas!

The MEDC conference was cool! Jim talked in front of lotza people a bunch of times. Buzz said that Jim would be countin' on my help, so I made sure that he had lotza coffee & snacks. He also needed some hand-outs photocopied, so I helped run them from the copy center to Jim's lectures. I'd say that I made myself pretty useful.

I did have some "free-time" to myself . . . checked-out the sights, visited the lions at MGM & tigers at the Mirage, played a little roulette . . .

I know, I know, one of Buzz's rules was no gamblin', but I was HOT - I had a system! They spun that big wheel and those pretty little chips just kept comin' my way! And 'cause I played so much, I got lotza free stuff - everywhere I went, they'd say "No charge, Mr. Panther; it's on-the-house!"

But soon Lady Luck was no longer my friend . . .

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Hey efurryone! Just wanted to thank efurrybody for all of the nice birthday wishes! I had a pretty good "Gotchya" b-day; got a catnip mouse that looks kinda like a bumblebee ('cause I'm JP BuzzerBEE- get it?!?! LOL), and then me n' Meep got to share some filet mignon.

I'm pretty miffed at Blogger right now 'cause it hasn't let me upload any pictures . . . Rome N. Panther finally got back from Vegas, and his story isn't complete without the accompanying photographic evidence! So I guess Rome N. will post once we can get that sorted out. Me n' Meep still aren't quite sure how he made it home after missin' Jim & the girl's plane . . .

A couple of our kitty bloggin' buddies have posted a message 'bout links . . . we think this is a great idea! If we've missed linking to your page, please leave us your url info so that we can link to ya! Our "cat-mmunity" has so many new members we wanna be sure to include efurrybody that wants to be included!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Birthday JP Buzzerbee!

Today's my "Gotchya" Birthday - I adopted Jim & the girl 5 years ago today. I've never told them my real age; the girl wishes that she coulda known me as a kitten. I think that if she got me as a "Baby Buzz" she probably woulda hugged me so hard that she'd squish me.

Kitties can read the next paragraph, but it's really meant for your people . . .

I'm not gonna get too serious here, but I just wanna thank all of the people who have let a rescue or shelter kitty adopt them; 'specially some of us who are "kittens at heart" but not in age. So many of our bloggin' buddies have found "fur-ever homes" after scary lives on the streets, and even if we don't tell ya everday, we're very grateful.

Okay, I gotta go - need to remind Jim and the girl 'bout my present . . .