Saturday, May 06, 2006

a few ground rules

Buzz: "Okay, Rome N. Panther - we just gotta be clear on a few things before you hit Vegas . . .

1) You're representing me n' Meep, so don't do anything that we wouldn't do.

2) You gotta help Jim give his presentations at the MEDC conference; he's gonna be countin' on your help.

3) It's cool to hang-out with the lions and tigers and stuff, but don't tap on the glass - we almost lost Meep last year!

4) Don't go crazy with room service - it gets pretty expensive.

5) NO GAMBLIN'! - I mean it, seriously . . .

If you get into any trouble at all, call Nimbus. That cat is Vegas!"

Friday, May 05, 2006

catchin' some rays

meep: "hi, Rome N. Panther . . . it's me, meep . . . "

R.N.P.: "Hey kid, howya doin'? Could you move to the right a little bit? You're blockin' my sun . . . thanks!"

meep: "umm, what are you doin' out on the deck?"

R.N.P.: "Gettin' ready for Vegas - I couldn't decide if I wanted a Mimosa or a Daquari, so I got one of each!"

meep: "i don't think you should drink those - those are mom's shower gels . . . "

R.N.P.: "Oh, yeah, I knew that. Hey kid - lemme ask ya . . . what is this 'MEDC'?"

meep: "it's cool - me n' Buzz went last year. Jim does lotza stuff there, but mostly me n' Buzz went to hang-out with the lions at MGM and the tigers at the Mirage. hey - you should go to the Mirage - they have a black panther that lives there too!"

R.N.P.: "Thanks for filling me in, kid. Look out MEDC - here comes Rome N. Panther!"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

wake-up call

Buzz: "Pssst, Rome N. Panther . . . are you awake?"

R.N.P.: "Kinda" . . . (yawn) . . . "what's up?"

Buzz: "Um . . . do you wanna take a trip for me n' Meep?"

R.N.P.: "Nah, not really - I'm pretty tired."

Buzz: "Okaaay, but it is in" (whispers) "v-e-g-a-s . . . "

R.N.P.: "Why didn't ya say so! I'm there, dude!"

Buzz: "There's just one thing . . . ya gotta go to the MEDC-thing."

R.N.P.: "Sure. No problem. I'll be there . . . I have no idea what an MEDC is, but how bad could it be . . . ?!?!"

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

medc orphans

meep: "hey, Buzz . . . what does 'after MEDC mean'?"

Buzz: "That's what Jim & the girl keep sayin' to us and each other 'bout anything that's not for that work-conference-thingy . . . "

meep: "how come?"

Buzz: "Gettin' ready for that thing in Vegas is keepin' them real busy . . . when it's over, life will go back to normal."

meep: "are we goin' to Vegas like we did last year?"

Buzz: "I'm not sure yet, Meep. To tell ya the truth, I'm kinda tired of hearin' 'bout pre-cons, sessions, hol's . . . especially hol's! Maybe we'll see if Rome N. Panther wants to go in our place . . . "

meep: "are you sure, Buzz . . . ? he's kinda wild - you think he'll be okay by himself?"