Saturday, March 31, 2007

a little good news!

Hello efurrybuddy! Just had a quick minute to share with you some good news . . .
I went to see Dr. Wendy today, and she said that I haven't lost anymore weight since my last visit! She says that I look and feel smaller 'cause I've lost some muscle mass, but my weight was the same right down to the ounce. Then she took some blood, so I'm glad that she weighed me first! I still have some nasty infection stuff goin' on in my mouth, so I'm gonna be on those gross drops for at least another 10 days.
I can't thank efurryone enuff for all of their kind words and purrayers. You've all really helped my mom to feel so much better. And a huge thank you goes out for the suggestion of the baby food! That stuff is great! Jim and my mom brought home some chicken (stage 1) and I gobbled up two jars today! Yummy stuff! (Meep liked it too!)
Hopefully this week I'll be able to visit efurrybuddy's blogs and get caught-up on all your news - so much has happened in the blogosphere while we've been gone.
Thank you again for all of your well wishes and support - you are all amazing.

Friday, March 30, 2007

with much thanks and appreciation

hi, it's me, meep . . .

me, Buzz, my mom and my Jim want to thank efurrybuddy for all of the nice thoughts and good wishes you've been sendin' our way - we all appreciate it lotz.

we're doin' okay. i hafta go back to the vet in a few weeks for more blood tests. i've been gettin' some special canned food to help my anemia go away and my mom & Jim think that i'm actin' a little "spunkier". i'm still kinda run down tho, 'cause efurry time i try to go #2 potty, i'm kinda "sick" (sorry - TMI). i'm takin' 2 pills and some special bacteria "goo" but nothin' is really helpin' right now. hopefully Dr. Wendy will have some ideas when we go for my blood tests.

Buzz had his dental surgery and they did hafta take his "Bucky from Get Fuzzy" fang out. they took another tooth too. even tho the surgery went well, Buzz is havin' a pretty hard time these days. he doesn't feel like eatin' much of anything anymore, and he's lost over 4 pounds. he had a very bad reaction to one of his meds and he couldn't stop shakin'. Dr. Wendy gave him some new meds 'cause he's got an infection in some sores on his lip. he's been takin' those drops for a lot of days, but his sores don't seem to be goin' away. my mom & Jim are takin' him back to the dr. tomorrow morning so hopefully they can get somethin' to help him feel better.

honestly (pleeeeze don't tell her i said this) i think my mom is doin' the worst of all of us. she's really worried 'cause me n' Buzz just aren't gettin' better. she keeps sayin' how skinny Buzz is and that he's shrinkin' efurry day. they can't even begin to start tryin' to fix his kidneys until he recovers from this. that's got my mom real upset and sad. when they got 'dopted by Buzz 6 years ago, the dr's couldn't guess his age, so my mom is real scared that he might older than she hoped. to try to cheer her up, i posted a picture of us watchin' tv together. i'm sittin' in my mom's lap with my tootsies stickin' up in the air, and Buzz is cuddled at her feet under the blankie. if ya look real close, you can see his head. (you can click on the picture to super-bigify.)

we're sorry that we haven't been postin' lately; we promise to be better 'bout givin' updates when we've got some news. thanks again efurrybuddy for all of thoughts & prayers; they mean a lot to all of us.