Monday, July 09, 2007


hi, it's me, meep . . .

i guess i don't need to say that anymore.

even tho Buzz started this bloggie, he said that it would make him furry happy if i kept writing in it. i thanked him 'cause i knew it was a pretty big deal for him to say that to me. my mom helped me change the profile so that now when i leave comments for other kitties, it will just say "meep". but i'm gonna keep the blog title the way it is 'cause Buzz would like that.

thank you all so furry much for all of your kind thoughts & purrayers. and thank you for all the nice things you said 'bout Buzz on your bloggies - my mom printed them out so that she can save them. sometimes when she reads them her eyes leak, but she's also smilin' so i think it means she's thinkin' nice things 'bout Buzz.

we're doin' okay . . . we're just real sad. my mom & my Jim took me to the dr last Thursday 'cause i was actin' like i didn't feel good. i even had to spend the day at the dr's spa 'cause she wanted me to pee in a cup. but i wouldn't pee - i held it all day! when my Jim & my mom came to pick me up, they got a special "collection kit" - it had funny plastic litter and a tiny eyedropper. it was lotza fun to see my mom using that eye dropper to "collect" pee from outta my litterbox ('cause you know that i went a whole lot as soon as i got home!) efurrything is good - even my anemia seems to be gone! Dr. Wendy said that i might be depressed 'cause i miss Buzz.

we had a snuggly family week-end - rented movies and i got lotza Whisker Lickin's. i know some kitties love Temp-tay-shuns, but they're hard for me to eat 'cause they're kinda crunchy. Whisker Lickin's has a kind that's soft for me to chew. after spending some time with my family, i started to feel a little better - i even played a little bit. but i do miss Buzz, and i know that my mom & my Jim do too.