Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wordless widebody wednesday

Thursday, February 21, 2008

me n' Goldie

Hi efurrybuddy - this is Bear.
I just wanna let efurrybuddy know that I do more than just sleep ... so far all my pictures are of me sleepin' on somebody! Even tho I'm a little bit on the "fluffy" side (18 pounds!), I'm still really active. I love to put the bitey on my fish toy (I call her "Goldie"). Sometimes if I'm really werked-up, I rabbit-kick her pretty good too. And it's taken a bit of effort, but me & Twizz can play good now. I think Twizz is a little nervous 'cause I'm twice his size, but I really do play nice (my mom calls me "The Gentle Giant"). Mostly we take turns chasin' each other thru the house. Meep doesn't like to play as much as me & Twizz, but I think he has fun watchin' us. This Saturday it will be my 2 week anniversary in my fur-ever home; I really like my new family! (BTW: when I play, lotz of my fur comes off, but mom does vacumm it up, eventually!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Twizz: Okay, yeah, there's room for both of us here on Mom. Really.
Bear: You sure 'bout that, Twizz?
Twizz: Yup. Know what, Bear?
Bear: What?
Twizz: I love you. Lots.
Bear: I love you too, Twizz. Otherwise I wouldn't let you sit on my head.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

House Panther Oreo with Meezer filling

HI! I'm Bear! Thanks so much for the warm welcome to the blogosphere that you have all given me. I'll blog more 'bout myself later, but I wanted to show efurrybuddy how much I like my new family. (I'm the big guy on top.) Talk to ya soon ... bye!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wordless wednesday

(Yes, Bear has a blankie too, but he got too warm and kicked it off.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


um hi, it's me, meep . . .
no, your eyes are not playin' tricks on you, and no i haven't gotten fat[er], we have a new 'dopted brother!
his name is Bear, and he came home on Saturday. my mom & dad 'dopted him from the people who rescued Buzzy & me, Kitty Angels . he's pretty big, but he seems furry nice. like all of us, he's FIV+ too. at first Bear was stayin' by himself in my dad's office. me n' Twizz knew sumbuddy was in there and we were sniffin' by the door - we were sniffin' lotz! mom & dad went to get dinner, and when they came home, all three of us were hangin' out in the livin' room! somehow the door got opened . . . let's see, there was a Meezer on one side, and 18 pounds of Bear on the other . . . can you say team-werk?!?! anyhoo, we're all gettin' along pretty great.
i gotta go help my mom now - she's washin' the sheets, and me, Twizz and Bear hafta go get more fur on the mattress pad. we'll blog more later - promise!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Meep's 7 things

um, hi, it's me, meep . . .

Twizz was 'upposed to say this yesterday, but he was all too busy talkin' 'bout himself so i'm gonna say it . . .

we wanted to thank efurryone for all of their furry nice comments & support while my mom & dad was feelin' down. our blogosphere is a really amazin' place and you kitties & your beans are all the bestest. we truly 'purreciate your kindness.

my turn to do the meme: 7 weird things 'bout Twizzler

1.) he's always lickin' me. he never lets up. sure i like a nice friendly facewash now and then, you know for those hard to reach spots, but c'mon - he just keeps lickin' me non-stop! and on top of that - he has fish-breath!

2.) efurrytime he eats crunchies, he throws a whole bunch of them into the water bowl.

3.) [oh hold on a sec, my mom is callin' me ...]

um, i'm back . . . my mom told me that i'm 'upposed to write my meme 'bout me, not Twizz. well, that's gonna be harder 'cause i'm not weird . . .

1.) i'm ~ 13 pounds, but my mom calls me her "little kid".

2.) i have a baby blanket that i love - it says "Little All-Star" on it.

3.) sometimes when i get up from a nap, i'll keep my blankie on me when i walk over to the food & water.

4.) even tho i'm ~13 pounds, i have a squeaky little voice.

5.) lately whenever i go to use "the box", i talk before i get in to do what i gotta do.

6.) after i go #1 in "the box", i come tearin' out runnin' like a nut and rip-up the welcome mat. but only after #1, never #2.

7.) i hafta stick my head in any kind of bag that comes home. and i usually stick my head thru the handle-thingie.

oh, we wanted to thank efurrybuddy that's given us an award - we've gotten some furry nice awards that my mom has not been good 'bout postin' . . . hopefully next week we can get her to do her job.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Twizzler's 7 weird(est) things

Okay, I'm gonna hafta talk to my mom 'cause I'm really fed-up with her bein' on our 'puter all the time . . . oh and who is this Uncle Sam guy and what's taxes?!?!
Okay so a really loooooong time ago, me & Meep got tagged by our buddy Tripper to do a meme of 7 "weird" things 'bout ourselves . . . only 7 huh . . . okay, here goes mine:
1.) My eyes are kinda crossed, but only some of the time. It depends.
2.) The only kinda people food I like is chicken or turkey breast. And I won't take it outta your hand, it's gotta be minced up super-duper small and put on the floor. Oh, and I'm gonna take forever to eat it. That's just how it is.
3.) I love Meep. Seriously, I need to be with him efurry wakin' and sleepin' minute. If I can't find him, I get kinda stressed-out and go lookin' for him. And when I find him, I give him a bath. It's just what I do.
4.) I never walk. I run.
5.) When I run, I criss-cross both my front & back feets. Always.
6.) I can't wait 'til it gets warm and I can get inside my stroller and sit on the deck with my mom while she has a cup of coffee. I don't even care that my stroller is pink. Really.
7.) I want my box changed efurry time me or Meep uses it. #1 or #2, it doesn't matter. It needs to be changed. Now.
Okay, that's my meme. Tomorrow Meep's gonna take his turn. See ya . . .

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

wordless wednesday

Friday, February 01, 2008

we're back . . .

ummm, hi efurrybuddy, it's me, meep . . .
well me n' Twizz wanna say thanks for all your patience while we was missin' . . . clearly our mom broke her most important New Year's revolution - lettin' us blog more!
efurrything is okay wif us, and we all 'purr-eciate efurrybuddy's concern. the thing is this: it was around this time last year that Buzzy started to get sick. my mom & dad kept takin' him to the vet 'cause he was losin' weight & he "just didn't seem like himself". at the time, he did need the "Bucky Fang" removed, and we all thought he was just havin' trouble recoverin' from the surgery & anti-biotics. ('cause we're all FIV+, we gots to be on meds for a longer time then most kitties, so it was understandable why he wasn't feelin' so great.) well, of course later we found out that it was much more serious than we had hoped, and Buzzy got diagnosed with that stoopid cancer. my mom's just been havin' a hard time dealin' with this 'cause she keeps thinkin' that they could have been able to help Buzzy more if they had known sooner how sick he was. so both she & my dad have been kinda sad, missin' Buzzy and wishin' that they could have done more for him. so that's why we haven't been bloggin' . . .
but we're gonna be back next week - we promise!