Monday, March 31, 2008

meepster monday

um, hi, it's me, meep ...

i had to go see Dr. Wendy on Saturday for my yearly check-up ... good news is that i didn't get any shots or get my temperature taken.

but i did hafta get hooked-up to this EKG machine, and i didn't like that one bit - i mean come on, i got pinched! oh, and i got a needle stuck into my neck and they took lotz of blood out! see the thing is, i've always had a little bit of a heart mumur. Dr. Wendy said that it used to be a #1 grade, but now it's gotten werse, and it's like a #3 / #4 grade, and my heart is skippin' some beats. Dr. Wendy wants to see what my heart really looks like, so tomorrow i gotta go back and get some pictures taken on the inside. the thing i don't understand is how they're gonna get a picture by usin' sound? i mean they said they're gonna "look" at my heart, but i think they meant to say they were gonna "listen". 'cause it's not called "ultra-look", it's called "ultra-sound"!

so hopefully my mom & dad will know more after tomorrow and we'll be sure to let efurrybuddy know what we find out.

oh, hang-on a sec, Twizzler wants to say sumthin' . . .

Okay, here's the thing - I love Meep. Seriously.
I don't want him to be sick. Ever.
This morning I got kinda upset - I yacked in the water bowl. Really, right into the bowl that we drink outta.

Friday, March 28, 2008

family friday

umm, hi, it's me, meep ...

we just wanna thank efurrybuddy for all of their nice comments while we were missin' from da blogosphere ... we 'purreciate it lotz!

and we gotta 'pologize to our fellow House Panthers ... they did a real nice post on me (meep!) 'bout a month ago, and i didn't get a chance to thank them 'til now (blame my mom!) so thanks guys - it was really nice of ya to do that!

even tho we haven't been postin' or leavin' comments, we have been tryin' to check-out efurrybuddy's blogs when we can. our mom has just been a pain-in-the-you-know-what 'bout being on the 'puter doin' "her stuff" all the time. let's face it - werk is a 4-letter-werd, and we kitties are supposed to avoid those ...

okay, now on to the good stuff - us! you probably hafta biggify the pic to see good, but trust me, all 3 of us are cuddled in that chair! my mom tried to get it on video, but she's not furry good with technology and didn't get any of it on film. i'm sorry, but sometimes she's just a total spaz ...

umm, i hafta go now ... we got more snow today(!), and i wanna look at it out the window. hope efurrybuddy has a great week-end!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

who does she think she is ... ?!?!?

"What's that, Mom? Did we hear you say your were gonna let us get on the 'puter and start bloggin' again? How good of you ... "