Friday, August 31, 2007

he told me his name!

hi efurrybuddy! first i gotta say sorry for bein' such a slow reader . . . it was lotz eazier when Buzz would read out-loud to me . . .
i just gotta say thanks for all the nice things efurrybuddy's been writin' to me 'bout my family and stuff - thanks! and i also gotta 'pologize to Mr. Hendrix - he nominatined me as a Rockin' Boy Blogger and i didn't get a chance to thank him yet. thanks so furry much Mr. Hendrix for makin' me a RBB and i'm real sorry that i didn't thank you sooner.
and my mom & me had no idea how many Meezers are out there! it's been real fun meetin' new friends and learnin' all kindza stuff 'bout Meezers. so speakin' of learnin' stuff 'bout Meezers, i finally learned my new buddy's name . . . it's Twizzler! he said that it's 'cause he's so long & skinny and likes to twist himself 'round like that licorice candy. he says if ya wanna get all technical 'bout it, he's actually a Chocolate Twizzler, but most stores only sell the red or black kind of candy, so he just goes by Twizzler.
so Twizzler is doin' pretty good . . . he had to go to the dr to get some anti-biotics 'cause he was sneezin' green boogies, but the pills have helped him already. he's still kinda skinny, but not as much as before. the dr said he should probably be ~9 pounds and my mom weighed him today and he was 7 1/2 so he's gettin' there. sumtimes he kinda ticks me off, and sumtimes i feel sorry for him 'cause he's locked in my Jim's office. i feel bad that he can't come hang-out and explore, but then i get kinda upset 'cause he's in with my Jim and i can't be. i don't know how Jim can get much work done without me in there helpin' him . . . oh well, we're almost half-way thru the "quarentine" so i'm keepin' my paws crossed.
okay, i gotta go do sumthin' else now. hope efurrybuddy has a furry nice, fun, safe 3 day week-end. okay bye.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

what i know

hi efurrybuddy! thanks for all the nice comments you left on my last post. it's takin' me a little while to get to visit efurrybuddy - Buzz could read faster than me, but i'm tryin' my bestest.

okay, so it looks like i got a meezer for a buddy. i think i'm okay with that. i like to talk, but he talks way more than me. but it's funny 'cause he's not really givin' me much info. here's what i know so far:

he's 'bout 5 years old, FIV+ (like me), super-friendly, way too skinny, and anemic. he was rescued right near Dr. Wendy's office. but he hasn't told me his name or how he come he got outside by himself. he took some tests at Dr. Wendy's and so far things look okay for him. but my mom says that he hasta take one of the tests again (feline leukemia) in a month so that we'll know fur sure that he can't make me sick. my mom says that she & my Jim hafta be real careful and wash their hands lotz after they touch him before they touch me. and 'course he's in a room by himself so we don't fight or eat/drink from the same bowl or use the same potty box.

my mom says that they are really hopin' his test comes back okay 'cause she & my Jim are already "attached" to him and would be too sad if he couldn't live with our family. i don't get how he's attached 'cause when they come outta his room, he's not even with them . . .

okay, i'm gonna go get caught-up with efurrybuddy in the blog world now . . . bye.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


um hi efurrybuddy . . .
sorry i haven't been postin' or visitin' much lately, as my mom says, "it's been kinda crazy 'round here lately!" i made my mom promise that i can use the 'puter more 'cause there's lotza stuff i wanna look at and talk 'bout . . . stuff like this picture i'm postin' . . . (more 'bout him in a minute) . . .
my Jim & my mom went to some big state on the other side of the country and drove on the 1 highway. i wanna know, if the state is so big, how come there is just a highway 1? anyhoo, they took lotza pictures and made a web album. if ya wanna see, click here. but i gotta warn ya, there are tons & tons of pictures of sea otters. i think my mom really likes sea otters.
okay, back to the picture i posted. yesterday, my mom & my Jim came back from Dr. Wendy's office with a pet carrier. they went into the other room and shut the door. later i heard a voice i never heard before, so i started talkin' to it. but i couldn't see who it was. i asked my mom if she brought home a sea otter. she said no, and showed me this picture she took. i don't have all the details yet, but i think this guy might start livin' in my house. i'm not sure how i feel 'bout that. i'm gonna try talkin' to him some more tonite - if we keep my mom & my Jim awake, that's even better!

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