Thursday, April 09, 2009


Hi efurrybuddy - it's Twizzler here.  Sorry I've been away for sooo long.  Things were just very sad at our house, losing little Meep and then poor Bear just 20 days later.  We can't thank you all enuff for all of your kind thoughts and words - it really meant a lot to us.

I've been doin' pretty good - I did hafta go on depression/anxiety pills 'cause I pulled-out all of my furs.  No, seriously - I really did pull 'em all out.  The only place I wasn't bald was my face & head (and that was only 'cause I couldn't reach those furs).  The meds have helped; almost all of my furs have grown back.  Sometimes I still give a good tug and yank some out, but it's still way better than before.

Now for the really excitin' news - I have a new 'dopted brother!  His name is "Jack" (kind'a after a famous movie pirate . . . ) - he's an FIV+ rescued House Panther (currently sporting a "lion-cut") and he only has one eye (hence the "pirate" theme!) 
Jack is furry friendly and all he wants to do is give & get love!  He just wants to sit in my mom or dad's lap and headbutt their faces.  Seriously, he could do that all day!  Me & Jack get along great too - we like to cuddle, give each other baths, and take turns chasing all around the house.  Oh and another cool thing 'bout Jack - he talks almost as much as I do!
My mom & dad weren't sure they were ready for another kitty after losing Meep & Bear so close together.  But they knew I was furry unhappy bein' an only-kitty.  Of course I still miss my little brother Meep and my big brother Bear so much, but Jack is a great new brother.  We get along so well that I kind'a think Buzzy, Meep, and Bear helped Jack to find me.