Sunday, February 04, 2007

sick of bein' sick!

Hey efurrybuddy . . .
Sorry it's been so long since we've posted or been able to visit any of your bloggies. We've all been sick with lotza different things.
Jim & the girl have been barkin' like dogs for almost 2 weeks now. Efurry time they think they're feelin' better, they're wiped-out the next day.
Me n' Meep had to go to the vet 'cause we were both sneezin' and stuff. Turns out I've got a major dental problem and am probably gonna hafta have my cool "Bucky from Get Fuzzy" fang removed. The dr. took blood and she doesn't like some of the values from my kidneys. Hopefully it's temporary 'cause of my gum infection, but we're gonna hafta start doin' tests pretty soon. Meantime, I'm takin' these disgustin' antibiotic drops twice a day.
And poor little Meep is anemic again. We're gonna get his blood checked after he finishes his antibiotics to see if maybe it's just 'cause of his infection.
Then, to top it all off, me n' Meep have not been gettin' along very nicely lately . . . probably 'cause we don't feel good and there hasn't been very much sun for us to lay in. Anyhoo, we've been kinda fightin' and now Meep has a sore on his nose, and one of my front paws is kinda tender.
Hope y'all are doin' good out there; we'll start visitin' again as soon as we can. Take care & enjoy the Souper Bowl!