Friday, August 18, 2006

baby lynx!

Now as most of ya know, me n' Meep 'dopted Jim and the girl after we were already "full-grown". Although the girl loves us very, very much for who we are, she does wish she could've seen us both as kittens. She says that we are beautiful now, but musta been 'dorable as a little "Baby Buzz" and "Baby Meep" (well, duh - 'course we were!)

Anyhoo, I guess 'cause she's a girl, she's got a soft spot fur baby aminals. Well 'bout two weeks ago, Jim and the girl went to a nearby animal sanctuary/nature preserve kinda place. There was a Mr. & Mrs. Lynx that lived there, and they had this little baby in the picture. Guess where the girl spent most of the day . . .

There's two kinda funny things 'bout this little guy:

1) Both of his parents were thought to be uhhmm, shall we say "fixed".

2) According to the people that take care of the aminals, this cute little kitty is "the most vicious animal in the park!"

Me n' Meep think that he must be a pretty cool guy.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

settin' the record straight

I just wanna clear up one thing 'bout Meep's post from yesterday . . .

I did not yell; I merely gave him a warning. Here's how it works: no matter who started it, we're both pretty good-natured 'bout "playing". But sometimes the little kid really acts up and just starts goin' for the cheap shots, like butt-bitin'. I'll put up with this for a little bit, but when I've had enuff, I warn Meep that I'm gonna haul off and take him down.

Look at this fang - doesn't it seem like fair warning is the brotherly thing to do . . . ?!?!?!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


um hi, it's me . . . meep . . .

i've kinda been gettin' in trouble lately. i don't mean to get into trouble; i've just been actin' up. this weekend, i ate steak right off my mom's salad. then yesterday, i jumped in the kitchen sink to lick the plate that she had put the hamburgers on. but last night was the mostest serious - i made Buzz yell.

i think i need a vacation.

Monday, August 14, 2006

we're it!

From "the girl/mom": The boys have been having some difficulties with Blogger lately. They are able to post today, but can't get pictures to upload, or make changes to their template. Hopefully things will be easier for them over the next few days.

Puff tagged the boys, so they're each telling "5 weird things/habits" about themselves. They both had a lot of fun playing, and are supposed to tag 5 other kitties. The boys thought very hard about all of their answers, but fell asleep before they could pick more friends to play. So anykitty that would like to play, consider yourself "tagged"!


1) I don't like to eat my [dry] food outta the bowl; I sit near the bowl and ask Jim or the girl to take some out and put it on the floor. If they're not alert enuff to my needs, I scoop it out with my paw.

2) I like my water f-r-e-s-h; seriously! I've trained the girl that it needs to be changed at least twice a day, or I will sit by it, giving her "the look".

3) I'm not supposed to have any of this, but I like Swedish Fish, sauerkraut, cranberry juice, Nutter Butter Cream cookies, and salt & vinegar chips.

4) After I "use the facilities", I am a mad-man! First, I don't cover what I've just done, but I do throw litter (and sometimes what I just deposited) all over the floor. Then I scratch the wall, the floor, the tub, rip the shower curtain; you name it, I scratch it! Then I run as fast as I can thru the house; sometimes I even "mrrowerowrow" while I'm runnin'!

5) The girl says that I am the happiest living being that she knows, and she's right!


1) i sleep on my Jim's chest all night.

2) i sit by my food waiting for my Jim or my mom to rub my cheek before i'll eat.

3) i hafta get bubble baths once a month.

4) i carry my "Pookie" teddy bear around when nobody's home. i like to put him in different rooms so that my Jim or my mom are surprised when they step on him.

5) i'm a big boy, but i have a tiny little voice that my mom loves to hear.

Monday, August 07, 2006

is outside still there . . . ?

Thanks efurrybody for all the nice welcome back posts! Me n' Meep missed y'all lotz!

Whew . . . I am soooo fed-up with this heat! This is a picture of me a few months ago, back when the girl would actually open the blinds and the windows . . . now she just keeps everything closed-up tight with that noisy a/c thingy runnin' - don't get me wrong; I like the cool, I just miss my view.

The girl said she'd let me tell sumthin', but I'm not sure when I'll be ready to talk 'bout the "fancy pants grooming incident". I am offically tellin' Meep right now that if he calls me "baboon-butt" one more time, he's gonna be more than sorry!

Friday, August 04, 2006

the boys are back . . .

umm, hi efurrybody, it's me, meep . . .

me n' Buzz have kinda been absent from bloggin' this summer, but we have a note from our mom . . .

Hello to all of our blogging friends,

Buzz & Meep have been very quiet this summer. Like all of us, they have been feeling the heat. They've both been listening to the advice of the weatherman, "staying in the A/C, drinking plenty of water, and limiting strenuous activity . . . ". Lemme tell ya, they have taken that last bit to heart; as you can see from the picture, they've even decided to take time off from fighting!

We had a wicked (as we say in New Hampshire) hail storm back in July - house fared pretty well, but we need all new siding and two skylights. Poor Meep had a terrible time with that storm; the sound of the hail (literally "golf-ball" sized) hitting the roof and skylights was almost more than he could take. Jim tried to give him some comfort by holding him, but poor little Meep just laid there shaking. We made some space under the bed for him to "hide", and that seemed to help him get through the rest of the storm. Meanwhile, Buzz just sat on top of the bed, washing, head-butting us, and generally ignoring the storm. It was amazing to see how they both dealt with the situation so differently.

Technology has not been very good to the boys lately either . . . Blogger has hiccupped on them a couple of times and Jim had to take their laptop to another conference (I still can't believe they let him borrow it!)

Then there was the unfortunate "fancy pants" grooming incident - I'll let Buzz talk about that when he's ready . . .

Things seem to be getting a little bit more back to normal around here, so the boys will be back to work on Monday. They have a lot of new friends to add to the links section of their page. We want to thank everybody that posted or emailed to check on them; what a thoughtful "cat-mmunity" you all are!

Take care & keep cool,

Bonnie aka "the girl" / "mom"