Wednesday, September 30, 2009

werd-less wednesday

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

twizzler tuesday

Whoo hoo - I'm bloggin' again!!! No mother, you cannot use the computer right now; you can have it back when I'm done . . .

Clearly we have been away from the blogosphere for much too long. Since our mom is not doing so well with assisting us, I propose a schedule. (Sometimes humans seem to get more done when you impose structure on them.)

My 'dopted brother Jack made a fine start with his "M-day" post, so perhaps our mom can try to follow this schedule:
"Jack Ma-Tack Monday"
"Twizzler Tuesday"
"Werd-less Wednesday"
"Thankful Thursday"
"Fwankwin Fwiday" (we'll hafta see how this one goes . . . )
Excellent! I've restored order to our lives; my work here (for now) is done.
Hey mom - you can use the 'puter if ya want . . .

Monday, September 28, 2009

jack ma-tack monday

Hi efurrybuddy! Thanks for all of your nice comments on my first blog post! I think bloggin' is lotza fun, so I'm gonna post on Mondays. See, my full name is Capt. Jack Ma-Tack, and since there's no days that start with C or J (and Twizzy has dibs on the T days), I think Monday is a good day for me.

Today is a beautiful fall day in NH. Days like this are the best for Twizzy to sit outside in his stroller. He said I could join him, but I don't really like it too much. I'd rather sit inside and watch him enjoy the outdoors. Here's a picture:

Okay, I gotta go now - thanks for stoppin' by!

Friday, September 25, 2009

finally friday

Hello! My name is Jack. My brother Twizzy introduced me to the blogosphere too many months ago. That's why I named today's post finally friday - 'cause I finally get to blog!

I love my home & family lots! Me n' Twizzy get along sooooo great. Here's a picture:

Seriously - it's unbelievable how much Twizzy n' me like each other. We are sooooo happy - life is just purr-fect! And then, my mom & dad brought this thing home. Here's a picture:

It's name is Franklin (the town he was rescued from), but it can't say that, so it says its name is "Fwankwin" . . . Okay whatever, I mean it is only about 10 weeks old now, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it. Twizzy and it get along really good - Twizzy is kinda acting like a dad to it. I gotta admit that I dislike it less now than when it first came to live with us, but I'm gonna need some time.

Okay - so that's bloggin' . . . it was fun! Thanks for readin' my post and please check back 'cause me n' Twizzy will be bloggin' more. If it can sit still long enuff, Twizzy might even help "Fwankwin" to bwog too. We'll see . . .

Have a great week-end efurrybuddy!